Discover World Trip Companion Features

Awesome things you can be doing with the Discover World app

Capturing a trip

Starting a new trip

You can start a new trip at any time by providing a trip title. The app will also try to recognize when you are traveling based on distance from home.

Scheduling a trip

You can schedule a future start date for a trip and it will begin capturing on your chosen date and time.

Minimal battery consumption

The app has been optimized to conserve battery while running in the background and capturing your trip. This will naturally use extra power, but your battery should still last all day with normal usage. When you’re not traveling, the app is not capturing or using extra battery.

Full privacy control

You control what details are published and who can view your trip on the web.

Works offline and in Airplane mode

Only GPS is needed to track your movements, so your trip can be captured even when you don’t have cell service. Note that Wi-Fi only iPads do not have built-in GPS, and therefore we do not recommend using them for route tracking.

Using more than one device for tracking

You can use several devices (iPhones and iPads) to contribute to the same trip. When you use multiple devices, the primary device will be tracking your route and others can capture a backup route, contribute photos, and take notes.

Capturing movements

Your movement activities are shown on a map with different colored lines. Self-powered movements like walking and biking are represented by a green line. Transportation movements use a red line. You can easily select the type of movement activity from the list of available options.

Capturing places you visit

Whenever you stay somewhere for a period of time the app will try to match you to the nearest known place. You can easily change a place by selecting from a list of known venues provided from the Foursquare database, or add your own.

Specifying custom places

If you don’t see an appropriate place in the list, simply add your own. This works well for visiting someone’s house or staying at a vacation rental, and is a good way to capture special events and destinations like vista points.

Short stops

Green circles on a map signify a short stop along your route. A short stop can be converted to an actual place visit if you want the place to be included on your Timeline.

Adding photos

Photos you take with the device camera are automatically added to trip Timeline. You can remove them and also add photos manually.

Adding captions to photos

You can add a caption to any photo.

Adding notes

A note of any length can be typed at any time and it will be added to trip Timeline. You can also add a note to any specific movement or place visit. A feeling can be captured along with a note.

Capturing feelings

You can record your feelings at any time by selecting from a list of emoticons. The feeling will be added to a note or directly to trip Timeline.

Daily summaries

A daily summary shows the day's route, miles covered, and activities of the day. A list of visited destinations (cities, villages, towns, etc) is included for each day.

Trip overview

A high level view of the entire trip, including the map, destinations, and trip statistics.

Trip intensity

The app will capture relative intensity of your trip by keeping track of step counts and distances.

Current map position

Your current location on the map is accessible any time with the route you took to get there.

Interactive map

You can zoom and pan around your current map position, any daily map, and the overall trip map.


Helpful device notifications guide you throughout the trip, like a good friend traveling along with you.

Publishing & Sharing

Publishing trip online

Once you publish a trip, a beautiful and immersive web presentation is created for your viewers to interact with and follow along.

Syncing updates

Trip updates can be published Automatically as you go, or Manually whenever you have a good data connection.

Privacy: You, Few, Many

You control what details are published and who can view your trip. Choices are: Private (only you can see it), Your People (people with a link to the trip, your followers); and Anyone.

Introductory note

Type a note to introduce the trip. It will appear as the first item on the Timeline.

Cover photo

You can select any photo from your device to be the trip cover photo. It will be used to represent the trip and can be changed at any time. If no cover photo is selected, one of the first photos from the trip will be used.

Following: don’t miss friend’s adventures

Get notified when your favorite person starts a new trip.

Posting trip to Facebook

As one of the most popular ways of sharing personal news with friends, posting your trip to Facebook becomes a simple and beautiful experience. A special collage is created with a map, route, and a few photos from the trip combined with visited destinations and dates.

Publishing trip updates on Facebook

While traveling, pushing an update to Facebook is easy and it visually captures what happened since the last post.

Sharing on Twitter

Making it short does not have to be complicated, and with a special photos collage your trip will look good on Twitter and lead your viewers to the full online experience with all the glorious details.

Sending a link to a trip

At any time you can get the link to a trip and send it out. Your trip can be viewed online (if allowed) by anyone with a link, no registration required.

Email updates

Your viewers can be notified when trip updates are posted by subscribing to email updates. Every time a new update is published for a trip, subscribers will get an email (up to once per day).

Discovering nearby

Interesting attractions

Discover nearby attractions and places of interest wherever you are in the world. Recommendations are sorted by distance and popularity.

Location & mapping

See where a nearby attraction is by placing it on a map relative to your location. You can use your choice of Apple Maps or Google Maps (if installed).

Discover more

Preview photos and read descriptions about places so you can decide if they are worth your time. You can always open a full page of information from the Discover World website. A wealth of details and facts about any place is only a tap away.


You can see how far attractions are from your current location.

Keeping all your trips in one place

Preserving memories

All of your trips and travels are saved in one place with all the glorious details. Relive the memories by browsing your trips whenever you like.

All your trip photos in one place

Since all trip photos are now online, they can be removed from your phone. The app will confirm when all the photos are uploaded and are safe to remove from the device.

A chronological archive

When did you go on that trip to Spain? And how long was your vacation in Australia? You’ll build a chronological archive of all your travels, complete with photos, notes, and map routes.

Day summaries and map navigation

From where you had dinners to the list of all major visited destinations, your captured trip can tell everything that happened - the short version or the full story. Jump around and find things quickly by navigating destinations or daily map routes.

View counts

Which trip received the most views? Which of your adventures do others find the most inspiring? Your view counts will tell what’s popular with your friends and visitors.

Always available

Safely backed-up and always accessible. For you and for your friends.