Last updated June 1, 2017

Discover World Ventures, Inc. (“Discover World” or “we” or “us” or “our”) provides services through our software applications for mobile devices, including without limitation our software applications available on the Apple iPhone or Android devices, as well as through our website (individually or collectively, our website and our software applications are referred to herein as the “Services”). We provide an online destination where visitors can discover, research, explore, plan, and discuss travel destination information as well as view, publish and share their trips.

Discover World uses content from various online sources throughout the Services. We respect all rightful content owners. The following is a list of the pertinent licenses that are applicable to our use of such content. If you believe that we are not providing proper attribution for any third-party content or otherwise not properly making use of such content, please contact us at

Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

GFDL License

Discover World also uses content provided by Geonames, Quattroshapes and Mapzen/Whosonfirst. Licenses applicable to those uses include: and

We use PT Fonts provided by Google in our mobile applications.

We also use a vector image designed by Freepik