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You’ll find everything you may want to know about traveling to a new country, new city, or any destination around the world.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
- Confucius

Since 2015 we’ve been building a consumer platform for all things travel — before, during, and after a trip. We use smart technology and visual design expertise to combine destination knowledge and travel experiences.

You won’t find hotel bookings or airline tickets here — we leave that up to your favorite booking site or agent. When it comes to leisure travel, flying to a destination and staying in a hotel are just means to an end. The real question is: how do we make sure that we have the best experience once we are there?

Fanatically compiled from reputable sources, and continuously updated by locals and travelers, Discover World is your comprehensive travel companion wherever you go.

Our Mission

To enrich lives by connecting people with new destinations, cultures, and people.

Our Vision

Before you go

Discover the world before you leave home.

Unveil the mystery of a new place by arming yourself with history and facts; browse through photos and street views; prepare yourself for the right weather; explore maps and plot routes; learn about places, activities, and popular things to see by studying trips of other travelers; save places you may want to visit; and organize your time with a smart trip calendar.

While you’re there

Discover the world by being spontaneous and adventurous knowing you’ve got Discover World in your back pocket.

Discover World will keep you in the know and organized every step of the way. From directions and suggestions, to local events and attractions, the knowledge shared by the travelers and local community is invaluable whether you are a first time visitor or a returning explorer.

When you return

Discover the world by sharing your trip with new and old friends.

Relive the memories through a beautiful trip timeline captured automatically by the Discover World Trip Companion mobile app.

Share your trips instantly from your phone with just a few clicks, and never forget the name of that amazing cafe you found off the beaten track. Telling your trip’s story has never been easier.

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